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"Telefónica has been one of the first CSPs to recognize the imperative of digital transformation and its impact on their offer. Focusing on Cloud, IoT, Big Data and Security, the company transformed itself from a connectivity provider to a digital transformation enabler for the B2B segment, and is well positioned to capture emerging opportunities that simply did not exist a few years ago."

Ignacio Perrone Jul 2020 — Frost & Sullivan
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Global Data gives Telefónica Business Solutions an overall rating of VERY STRONG for its Global Enterprise services


Telefónica's capabilities in automation and digizalization are strong in transforming client organisations. 


Telefónica has further developed its SD_WAN proposition with integration of underlay and overlay for all segments (MNC, Enterprise & SME).


Global Data, Telefonica Business Solutions - Global Enterprise, Rajesh Muru, 01 June 2020

Rajesh Muru Jun 2020 — Global Data
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“The service provider has based its small business and enterprise approach on the ‘four platforms’ concept (physical assets; IT and systems; products & services; cognitive) which drives its overall strategy. It realised earlier than most other global telcos that in order to offer transformative services to businesses, it needs to also digitally transform itself. And so there was a continued focus – which we have heard for the past five years – on demonstrating progress in terms of achieving what it terms an Open Digital Architecture.”

Evan Kirchheimer Jul 2019 — Omdia
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Omdia research has consistently revealed that large enterprises rely in a multitude of cloud providers to host and run their critical workloads. We do not see this reality changing. However, what has changed is that current events are acting as a catalyst for accelerating digital transformation, creating a quandary for most organizations: they want to digitize more, from networks through to team collaboration, customer experience and marketing functions, but they lack internal resources with skills to map out and manage a wholesale transformation. This is where a partner needs to step in.  With its broad range of services from cloud networking and collaboration, data center hosting and SaaS, plus its support for all the major platform providers, bolstered by comprehensive professional services, Telefónica is in a strong position to be the provider that large enterprises rely on to help map out and manage their transformation.

Evan Kirchheimer Jul 2020 — Omdia

“CSPs that have been successful on their digital journeys have done so by starting with a small scope and few agile and DevOps teams, but with strong support from the leadership. These transformations have strong elements of proactive talent, culture and leadership change. For example, CSPs already use AI to identify what new skills and competencies are required for the future. CSPs change the culture and people’s behavior through practical steps, realizing the broader competitive market.”

Gartner, CSP Digital Operating Model Transformation Primer for 2019

Gartner Mar 2019 — Gartner
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“Telefónica has billed itself as a partner for enterprise digitalization, and there are some early signs that it is building billion-euro revenue lines in B2B services that just less than a decade ago barely existed in their current form. The final measure of any digitalization effort is in top-line growth of revenues in new services. We see significant progress in IoT, Security and Cloud, which in sum are now delivering billions to the business. This is a sign that Telefónica’s customers increasingly trust it to deliver transformational services.”

Evan Kirchheimer Mar 2019 — Omdia