APM Terminals: Pioneering combination of technologies for port security

Edge, 5G and Cellular V2X to optimise logistics in the industrial sector

2.3 million Teus per year
2,000 Truck operations per day
3 Technologies combined

Transforming industrial processes


  • Improving security in the port logistics chain
  • Finding solutions to avoid blind spots and accidents with heavy machinery
  • To be pioneers in the industrial/port field using Wireless technology


  • 5G and C-V2X connection via an on-board unit on cranes, providing 360° vision and very low latency
  • Cellular V2X technology for personnel on foot and trucks, where alerts are received in case of risk, collision or accident
  • Real-time dashboard of all terminal traffic, thanks to 5G's ultra-low latency and network Edge Computing


  • More secure operations, which has a direct impact on the quality of customer service and employee protection
  • Immediate visual control of vehicle and pedestrian traffic, which improves circulation within the terminal and increases security to maximum levels
  • More value in all the processes of the logistics chain

APM Terminals: Edge, 5G and Cellular V2X to improve port logistics

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