Banking on improved collaboration through technology

Spanish banking group BBVA needed to improve communications between its employees in Spain and across the Americas

20 Connected sites
7 Countries

Using state-of-the-art technology to enable the art of conversation


  • Improve collaboration among multinational businesses.
  • Build a strategic communications network over a wide geographical area.
  • Control costs, such as travelling expenses.


  • Global MPLS solutions to simplify banking processes across 20 sites in Puerto Rico, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Mexico and Argentina.
  • 9 Telepresence rooms in Europe and the Americas.
  • Customised Management Centres in Spain and Mexico.


  • Generated unified fixed voice, mobile and data networks.
  • Provided considerable cost savings.
  • Guaranteed levels of service.
  • Enabled face-to-face meetings between employees around the world, without the expense and time commitment of travel.
  • Centralised communications networks for rapid deployment.

An evolving relationship

BBVA has continued contracting new products and services with Telefónica including:

UCC Trends 2020

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