CAF: Driving the digital transformation of transport

Secure and complete end-to-end control

>100 Years of Experience
>50 Countries
>10.000 Projects in Real Time

Shaping the progress of transport


  • Reduce maintenance cost.
  • Lower the energy consumption to improve sustainability.
  • Enhance the feature and functionality of trains.
  • Create new growth in service businesses.


  • AWS Public Cloud end-to-end solution.
  • Enables management of high volumes of information based on real-time delivering monitorization, predictive maintenance, and energy optimisation.
  • Fully integrated Security Policies.


  • Savings in maintenance costs and energy consumption.
  • Deployment of services and loads in an agile and fast way, enabling a response to varying different needs.
  • New data analysis services and solutions with portals to share information with our clients.
  • Multiple platforms for agile remote working.

CAF: Enabling the creation of a future-proof business model


CAF Case Study

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