Delivering a secure and safe communication infrastructure worldwide

Cepsa is responsible for critical energy infrastructure distributed worldwide, all of which require critical security systems at all levels.

14 International offices
12 Countries

Keeping global communications and infrastructure secure


  • Introduce the latest generation security network, capable of integrating the previous systems, in a uniform way for 14 international offices in 12 countries.
  • Centralised management and high performance.
  • Compliance with stringent international security parameters, critical in the energy sector.


  • Managed security system over a single MPLS network.
  • Hardware, software and PCs from various leading market providers.
  • Antivirus and anti-spam services, internet identity authentication, intrusion prevention and log management etc.
  • Centralised management from the Security Operations Centre (SOC), with resolution of incidents, periodic reports and internal reports.


  • Qualitative leap in protection of information and critical infrastructures
  • Centralised management and reports to plan security policies
  • Compliance with security legislation and international certification standards
  • Cost saving and investment optimisation
  • Scalable system and continuous updating of PCs and services

A global standardised managed security solution

Security hardware and software was deployed with pre-configured PCs, importantly integrating pre-existing systems into a new network to optimise previous investment by Cepsa. This is the project's key strength: the ability to integrate and reconcile security products from multiple providers, all leaders in their market, within a single network. Importantly Telefónica's close 'partner' relationship with these manufacturers has resulted in advantageous PC maintenance and renewal agreements for Cepsa. The managed security solution incorporated:

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