Bringing it all together to enhance customer experience

The company is a world leader in the entertainment business employing more than 150,000 people and with revenues exceeding $60 billion.

It's a customer's world


  • Facilitate continuous technological growth.
  • Flexibility in capacity provisioning.
  • Strict security and operational standards.
  • On-demand storage.
  • Flexible payment structure.
  • Enhanced monitoring services.


  • Design, deployment and operations from a managed regional data centre in the USA.
  • Provisioning of a high availability MPLS Network node.
  • Server and application access from several customer offices and operations located in Latin America.
  • Managed Private Cloud made up of heterogeneous technologies including Windows, Linux and Oracle Solaris servers.
  • PCI compliant IT platforms.
  • Opex based solution to meet mandatory business requirements.


  • Enhanced customer experience, reduced response times for internal customers.
  • Processing power doubled.
  • Network enhancement and standardisation.
  • Greater efficiency.
  • Optimised security.
  • Consistent and standardised asset management.

Homogenous experience and central access

A network migration programme was executed which included 39 servers and devices, as well as 40 websites from numerous markets and Latin American countries, to create one solution platform. This was combined with a unique infrastructure comprising diverse managed services specifically designed for their needs. The bespoke design of the network delivered a scalable infrastructure that reduced the number of components, whilst delivering redundancy for each service. The customer considered the ability to seamlessly accommodate growth with automatic redundancy to be a key differentiator.

Cloud Computing in 2020

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