Reducing complexity for a multinational insurance provider

We worked with one of the world’s leading insurance companies to provide them with secure, reliable networks and simplification of their IT provisioning

>140,000 Employees
>70 Countries present
>85 Million Worldwide customers

Reducing global complexity


  • Consolidate IT services across Europe and Latin America.
  • Network transformation to enhance direct connectivity with customers and between offices.
  • Enhance seamless collaboration across borders.


  • Bringing together >6,800 employees across 6 countries.
  • A single, seamless networking platform connecting 340 locations.
  • Leveraging diverse service platforms: WAN, LAN, VoIP, Unified Communications & Wi-Fi.


  • Simplification of vendor landscape.
  • Standardisation and consolidation of ICT platforms and services.
  • Quality of service delivery underpinning core operations.
  • Establishing a core customer engagement platform for the future.

Simplification to drive business efficiency

As a global leader of insurance services, the customer required a secure and reliable international network combined with the simplification of IT provisioning.  All designed to improve efficiency and reduce downtime.

Delivering secure reliable networks

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