Navantia: Embracing technological innovation as a leverage for change.

Shipyards powered by Edge and 5G

4700 Employees
3 Different use cases
300 years of history

Meeting the digitalisation needs of our customer


  • Accelerate the production processes.
  • Enable remote diagnostics and resolution.
  • Adapt to the new 4.0 industrial paradigm with the appropriate tools.
  • A partner to make the digital transformation easier.
  • Acquire wireless communications which offer high bandwidth communications, quality of service and high reliability.


  • Deployment of a dedicated private 5G network with 3.5 GHz and 26 GHz millimetre band frequencies.
  • Edge Computing centre.
  • Ability to run use case applications such as augmented reality in real time and with low latency.


  • Remote technical assistance through augmented reality and 3D models for diagnosis and support.
  • Virtual part visualisation to verify in real time how the construction elements will fit together before proceeding with their manufacture and assembly.
  • Support the process of building the ships in a modular way with blocks that are assembled together. A critical aspect is the verification that each of the "blocks" will fit perfectly with the others. 

Navantia: Shipyards powered by the Edge and 5G

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