Giving a worldwide communications system room to grow

NH Hoteles a leading hotel operators. With >349 hotels with 52,793 rooms in 22 countries in Europe, America and Africa (as of July 2009), employing over 18,000 people.

7,000 IT users
6,000 PCs
115 Nationalities

Business growth supported


  • Integrate communication networks between newly acquired hotel chains.
  • Control costs.


  • Global MPLS network.
  • Outsource ICT services.
  • Integrated Managed Data Centre Services.


  • Created considerable cost efficiencies.
  • Shortened time required to bring new hotels online.
  • Simplified complex ICT systems.
  • Launched proactive communications strategy, identifying and addressing changing needs.
  • Delivered the most advanced technologies, including in-room high speed internet connections.

Folding new hotels into the system, seamlessly

The first major success was connecting 250 hotels to the new hosted MPLS network within three months.

Cloud Computing in 2020

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