Leading consumer brand Rexona, wanted to raise awareness of a new product

Rexona is a deodorant and antiperspirant brand manufactured by Unilever.

67% Users increase
53% Incremental brand awareness
54% Purchase rate after seeing message

The right message to the right audience


  • Raise awareness of their new anti-perspirant, Rexona Clinical, targeting female runners in four Colombian cities.


  • A tailored campaign targeted at women aged 18-39 who lived or worked near a Rexona Clinical stockist, using geo-targeting to verify time spent in parks popular with runners.
  • For maximum reach, a text messages was sent that could be opened on any device. These were timed to be sent on days of the week when the parks, and the stockists, were busiest.


  • 67% increase among Rexona users.
  • 53% incremental brand awareness among users of rival brands.
  • 54% of responders said they bought Rexona Clinical after seeing our message.

Reaching further with messaging

Mobile text or SMS is the world’s most acted-on medium. It cuts through more effectively than anything else. Better than letters. Better than email. Better, even, than making a call. Because people always read an SMS.

Technology Trends 2020

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