Container technology in Spain: State of the art and perspectives

Container technology allows applications to be packaged in a simple and portable way, facilitating execution wherever we want them to run, whether in a private cloud, public cloud, on the personal computer or in all of them at the same time. This capability allows developers to be more autonomous in their development environments, increasing the efficiency of development and IT operations teams.

This technology, considered to be solid and expanding, expects annual growth rates of 67% for the period 2018-2023, with an increasing weight of end-user companies as opposed to the hyperscalars, or large cloud service providers that have been the main exponents of its popularisation until now.

Seventy percent of companies surveyed in Spain say they consider this technology useful for their companies. At the same time, 53% of organisations already use containers or intend to do so in the short term.

According to IDC forecasts, it is estimated that the growth in the use of containers in production will exceed that in development. In Spain, only 38% of organisations already use containers or are going to start using them exclusively for development. Furthermore, most of the companies surveyed indicate that less than 20% of their applications are used in a container environment, although this percentage of the total is expected to increase in the coming years.

Author: Ignacio Cobisa, 16 December 2020, IDC

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