24 Sep 2018 —

Improve your business with Telefónica OBS cloud storage

Digital transformation is a growing reality for your organization, using digital technologies to increase efficiency in business processes, customer satisfaction and budget optimization.

In recent years, technologies have emerged that have created the exponential growth of data; faster networks, more bandwidth consumption, multimedia services, mobility, the Internet of things; Big data and analytics are constantly feeding this information expansion.

Due to this, there is a fundamental need to store a huge amount of data, much of which is unstructured, that is, they are not contained in a database or they are contained in another type of structure such as in videos, images, audios, texts that are generated from mobile phones, sensors, medical devices, cameras among others. According to Gartner,  the consulting and information technology research company, unstructured data represent 95% of the information available.

From this rising demand, the object storage system is born. This is the new option over the traditional structure of an archive system. Basically, instead of organizing the files in a hierarchical file tree, the data objects are organized in containers or "cubes", each with its own unique identification. The access is made through an ID or a key. This unique identifier allows objects to be retrieved without knowing their physical location.

Basic object storage systems are easy to implement and are not restricted by size and data recovery is simple. They have multiple benefits, among them: scalability, any amount of data can be accommodated, without hierarchy; efficiency, there are no bottlenecks created by complex directory systems; availability, allows the automatic replication of data and escalated updates, without periods of inactivity.

There are multiple application scenarios for a storage system by objects, among them: Backup and recovery, big data analysis, storage in a hybrid cloud, disaster recovery and data from native applications in the cloud.

One of the companies leading the way in the Digital Transformation arena is Telefonica. Telefonica is one of the drivers of this growing generation of data but also offers an object storage solution called OBS (Object Storage Service) through its global cloud services platform Open Cloud.

OBS is a cross-platform object storage architecture that offers high reliability and reliable data exchange at an affordable price. OBS has a high capacity, which includes the creation, modification and elimination of deposits, as well as the loading, unloading, replication, modification and elimination of objects.

Another benefit of OBS is mass storage- almost infinite, and low-cost. Your data is stored on multiple devices and you can implement detailed access controls per user. You can store any type of file and it is suitable for common users, websites, companies and developers.

Digital transformation is a reality and opportunities like OBS allow us to accelerate, strengthen and increase the security of our data. Companies must be aware of these changes and ensure they have a business partner in their digital evolution.


Leandro Zanoni

Cloud Evangelist in Argentina