24 Oct 2017 —

Commvault certifies us as an insurance backup solution

  • Telefónica has become a certified storage provider of objects compatible with the backup and archive solution from Commvault, the market leader in data and information management.
  • The certification opens a door for Commvault and Telefónica customers on the creation of cloud-based data backup for their businesses in a way that is simple, easy and flexible.
  • Huawei has been working with Commvault since some years ago to offer archive and backup solutions to the enterprises, and is a global distributor of its products.

Madrid, 24 October, 2017 – Telefónica Business Solutions, a leading provider of a wide range of integrated communications solutions for the B2B market, has announced that the object storage service (OBS) belonging to the Telefónica Open Cloud has been certified by Commvault as compatible with its backup and archive solution.

As use of the public cloud becomes more and more commonplace, our clients are having to navigate this period of transition and decide upon improved management tools and methods. Telefónica's strategy lies in guaranteeing the coexistence of local, traditional data centres with infrastructures such as the Telefonica Open Cloud service, thus allowing our clients to safeguard their data in a way that is secure, reliable, flexible and cost-effective

The certification of the Telefonica Open Cloud service to make use of Commvault's solutions will provide our clients with an array of easy, simple and flexible data backup solutions. The configuration of the OpenCloud Object Storage as Cloud Storage for the repository of backups on the cloud allows clients to:

  • Optimise costs: Reducing the space occupied on the local backup platform, moving certain backups to OpenCloud.
  • Ensure security and business continuity: Implementing Disaster Recovery solution by replicating certain backups to OpenCloud. These copies can even by used to restore on OpenCloud machines or in an alternative location in the event of a disaster of the client data centre.
  • Guarantee the availability and durability of their data and business systems on OpenCloud: Performing backups on virtual servers of Telefonica Open Cloud on the OBS by enabling an image of the Commvault backup solution.

In addition, Telefónica's Open Cloud offers an image with preloaded Commvault software to perform concept tests with minimal effort, with simple configuration guides available at the Huawei help desk.

Commvault is a leading provider in data and information management, thanks to innovation, advanced technology and the independence of its hardware.

OpenCloud is Telefónica's public cloud platform which uses Huawei´s OpenStack technology,  and is now available in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru and the USA, housed in local data centres. It provide all the necessary resources to business clients in the development and operation of their digital business models and projects requiring secure data backup.

The Object Storage Service (OBS) from Open Cloud offers its clients secure, reliable and adaptable storage services on the cloud without implementation costs, using a pay-per-use model. The domestic localisation of the data and the option of accessing it through Telefónica's VPN MPLS networks is what makes this service truly unique.

This certification between Telefonica Open Cloud service  and the Commvault applications, shows the compatibility between third party applications and Huawei OpenStack technology.

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