21 Jun 2018 —

NH Hotel Group trusts Telefónica in its jump to the cloud

The NH Hotel Group is developing a strategy based on the digital transformation of its operating processes in order to improve the experience of its customers. To achieve this, it’s working based on the MultiCloud offer provided by Telefónica, which incorporates the global agreement with AWS, with the aim of having greater flexibility and scalability in its current and future business.

The NH Hotel Group is a consolidated multinational operator that runs nearly 400 hotels with almost 60,000 rooms, spread across 30 countries in Europe, America and Africa. For this company, information technologies are key to its performance and a basic pillar of its relationship with customers.

The collaboration between Telefónica and the NH Hotel Group began in 2002 when the NH Hotel Group's cloud strategy was based on reliance on a single provider. This huge environment was not adapted to the business’ needs and it limited its capacity for growth. Server obsolescence, dependence on a single package of solutions, the rigidity of the systems in the face of changes in demand, and the long response times in the reservation system, are examples of the challenges posed by their cloud strategy.

In order to tackle these challenges, the NH Hotel Group opted for the Telefónica Group's MultiCloud strategy, using AWS and VDC infrastructure, which offers the flexibility and agility to adapt to their business needs, increasing or reducing system capacities, depending on demand. This strategy also allows the organization to control, in real-time, parameters specific to their business (occupation, rates, reservations, campaigns, profiling of clients, loyalty programs, etc.), all whilst ensuring the security and availability of the systems.

Telefónica Spain also provides the NH Hotel Group with Security and Communications services, and they are already working on various initiatives associated with IoT, Big Data and Virtualization to provide their clients with services that meet their needs.

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