17 Jan 2019 —

Why should cloud computing be adopted in every business?

Yes, it is true that this technology is in constant development, the truth is that the fact of being accessible to small entrepreneurs and even to any entrepreneur who has a computer at home, makes me think that we are not talking about the future, but that we are talking about a very concrete reality and what, necessarily, we must take into account no matter how small our business is (1).

It is important to understand that many companies choose their own way to migrate to the cloud and some of them currently are automating all their functions and operations based on cloud computing, others are just beginning to overcome the fear to make the first step to immerse in these technologies, but at least they are trying.

Let's reflect on the reasons that could make us understand the need to implement cloud computing and I would like to highlight one in particular: "The assumption that your competitors have already implemented it "(2).

It is easier to do business in the cloud. All the technology you need to support your infrastructure can be created in a matter of minutes and not in weeks or months as it was before. This means that once your needs are evaluated you will be able to make your business operational very quickly. You will have the network, computers, servers, and everything you need to start up ready. If you don´t know how to do it, or you do not have the qualified professional staff to do it, you should only contact any cloud service provider company; for example Telefónica (3), a company that knows your market very well, and the real needs of communications that you need for your geographical location, since from long time ago it offers its services directly to your home, or by your mobile phone. Now offers this: "Welcome to the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)."

Create or update the necessary software to see the results of your database, obtain detailed market reports based on Big Data analysis, sell any service that requires artificial intelligence, or the same website of your business is much simpler, since that by using development tools specially created to get the most out of the cloud (4), you will not lose customers opportunities hoping to have a finished product, but you will have functional prototypes in a matter of hours and you will be able to perform the tests you require before placing them completely online. This is wonderful for developers, especially those who love the Scrum methodology. Remember, this is known as "Platform as a service (PaaS)".


Save as much money as possible; being dedicated exclusively to investing in the business. Many times, I have had that conversation, about the real costs associated with implementing cloud services, maintaining the current physical infrastructure, or coexisting with a "hybrid" infrastructure (the best of a private cloud and a public one). Basically, the explanation could be given with a simple example: the "iceberg" of the Titanic, the costs associated with implementing a cloud infrastructure, could make it seem like it is better to stay as we are, but over time, maintenance costs, updates , licenses and human resources, we will have an invoice (5), and this will be quite large, believe me. I still have the memory of an enterprise that finally failed due to maintenance costs of its IT infrastructure, and ended up selling its computers, its networks, and even the chairs where its clients sat; Yes, learning sometimes can be painful; Of course, for those moments, the term "cloud computing" was nothing more than something heard in the distance, in computer magazines, and often there was a confusion of the term with the services offered by the Internet Service Providers (do you remember the ISP?).


Almost unique dedication for your business. It is not only the advantages of saving money (reducing infrastructure costs), but the average time that a director or business owner spent trying to "solve" problems related to their computing environment is drastically reduced, because "others"  will take care of those details (6); and if we go even deeper, and even think about our current Director of Information Technology, you could get this, "do not think so" in keeping our network active and free of viruses, or if all the systems have been updated with the latest updates; no, no, and that paradigm must be left behind.  Now, we must talk about the new director of IT "business oriented", that is, that also produces profits for the company, or at least, helps reducing operating costs (and even strategic) using exclusively their cleverness, and the technology that is currently available to them; and believe me, you can do many interesting things.


So far, we have talked almost exclusively about how to save (or earn money), a very striking subject for entrepreneur like you. The entrepreneurs who are in this game  to win it; but, what if I told you that cloud computing can cover aspects as important as the improvement of your human talent, or complete innovation in the way you do business, or better yet, that you will be able to undertake new models of business (or adapt yours today) under this wonderful technological paradigm that is Cloud Computing ?; So be patient, in our next meeting, I'll explain it how this could be possible.









Juan José Martinez

Cloud Evangelist in Chile


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