~2025 75% of enterprise data will be generated at ‘the edge’.
13% of businesses are piloting new initiatives anchored in edge.
1 in 5 enterprises have seen a return on their edge computing investment.

Put the power of the cloud at the centre of your business

The Edge is the next stage in the evolution of IT and its convergence with communication networks. It closes the gap between the customer's premises and the cloud, bringing computing and storage capabilities closer to the end customer and offering the best of both worlds: the Edge combines the performance of local deployments with the flexibility, scalability and cost efficiency of the cloud.

Unlock the power of Edge


Real time processing and ubiquitous local computation empowering the Smart Factory, Warehouse, Production Plant or Live Gaming.

Network Integration

Fully integrated infrastructure to benefit from advanced network capabilities. Reducing IT costs, Servers and Storage. Secure agility and, flexibility for deploying and scaling IT.

Data close to home

Data residency, Security and Resilience. Process and manage your data locally.

How can Edge help your business?

This new technology empowers your company to be able to process and analyse vast amounts of data generated by intelligent applications and devices onsite in real-time. Unlocking the power of this emerging technology has the potential to deliver enhanced capabilities across your business. From Smart Factories in the Manufacturing sector, to leveraging artifical intelligence in Health Care, live online Gaming to dynamic Warehouse Management and workflow improvements through to Autonomous Vehicles. 

Edge has the ability to transform industries in multiple ways:

  • Real-time video processing & analysis (facial recognition, license plates etc).
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality.
  • Tracking of assets (ports, logistic ships etc).
  • Gaming.
  • 5G private networks (with factory focus connected).
  • Remote Video Production.
  • High performance storage.

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