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Software Defined WAN. Enabling next generation communication

Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) allows you to connect offices quickly across your global business, through a fully managed solution, which not only delivers greater control but also makes it possible to add further services to support future business needs. 

Software Defined WAN. Enabling next generation communication

The digital era has brought us a significant changes in the way we consume products and services

Business applications have moved to the Cloud and both people and devices are becoming increasingly connected every day. Connectivity represents a key pillar to absorb the management of the data flood generated inside the enterprise networks.

Telefonica´s SD-WAN service helps to overcome this challenge optimizing several access alternatives to the network. Ensuring for Business Continuity that application traffic is re-routed through optimal paths to assure the capacity at all times. 

The software defined virtual private networks (SD-WAN or Software Defined WAN) provided by Telefonica, enable the remote management of the enterprises’ global business. Thanks to a fully managed and centralized solution, it offers a greater application control and makes it possible to deploy additional services to meet the employee needs.

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