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“Telefonica was active in building out edge nodes in Spain in 2020, and also announced cloud partnerships with Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. It is part of an MOU with KT, China Unicom, and Telstra to collaborate on a multi-operator MEC computing experience; they recently verified the ability to provide global roaming and federation among different edge platforms.”


2021 Predictions for the Enterprise: Edge Computing Alliances and Innovations Unlock new opportunities, 25th January 2021

Chris Drake & Kathryn Weldon feb. 2021 — Global Data
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Telefónica's edge strategy leverages the transformation of its network and infrastructure assets, developing an edge platform and edge networking capabilities. Telefónica offers data connectivity and ultra-broadband access capabilities (fiber and 5G) to third parties through network APIs to enhance edge services. Telefónica is working on IaaS services in partnership with leading hyperscalers to market their edge services while developing high-value use cases with them. The operator is also extending its own cloud services to the edge, with the launch of Virtual Data Centre Edge (VDC-Edge).


IDC, European Edge Vendors Coverage Analysis, Doc #EUR147122420, Dec 2020


Gabrielle Roberti, Research Manager, European Industry Solutions, Customer Insights & Analysis, IDC dic. 2020 — IDC
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2020 European Hosted IP Telephony and UCaaS Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award


Telefónica’s growth in the European hosted IP telephony and UCaaS market has been nothing short of impressive. With more than 1 million hosted IP telephony users, Telefónica is the third-largest provider in the region and one of the most innovative providers worldwide.


Telefónica’s success has been driven by its keen recognition of pervasive need for modern, mobile-ready communications solutions that effectively address the requirements of any highly distributed workforce within increasingly virtual organizations

Elka Popova, VP of Connected Work at Frost & Sullivan. sep. 2020 — Frost & Sullivan
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Telefónica provides UC services for all sizes of business across its footprint and to MNCs globally. It uses different products to cater to the different segments of the market, ranging from standardised features for SMEs to complex, customised solutions for large enterprises and MNCs.


Its UC portfolio is supported by design, migration and adoption professional services for large enterprises, with remote advisory for SMEs.

Catherine Hammond ago. 2020 — Analysys Mason
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"Telefónica has been one of the first CSPs to recognize the imperative of digital transformation and its impact on their offer. Focusing on Cloud, IoT, Big Data and Security, the company transformed itself from a connectivity provider to a digital transformation enabler for the B2B segment, and is well positioned to capture emerging opportunities that simply did not exist a few years ago."

Ignacio Perrone jul. 2020 — Frost & Sullivan
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Global Data gives Telefónica Business Solutions an overall rating of VERY STRONG for its Global Enterprise services


Telefónica's capabilities in automation and digizalization are strong in transforming client organisations. 


Telefónica has further developed its SD_WAN proposition with integration of underlay and overlay for all segments (MNC, Enterprise & SME).


Global Data, Telefonica Business Solutions - Global Enterprise, Rajesh Muru, 01 June 2020

Rajesh Muru jun. 2020 — Global Data