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"Telefónica Tech has been one of the most active and diverse proponents of edge computing, announcing several key alliances and initiatives over the last few years".

The Telco Edge Opportunity: Diverse Approaches and Expectations

Kathryn Weldon jun. 2021 — GlobalData
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“Telefónica is currently trialling edge computing services that leverage AI to customers in several verticals, including automotive (with vehicle-to-everything communications), eHealth, manufacturing, transport, and logistics. Video analytics is a key area where the CSP is using AI to extract more information from streamed video to address specific use cases.

Telefónica is also developing and deploying uses cases to identify customer needs and determine other edge configurations to support multi-vertical AI applications”.

Enabling CSPs to Maximize AI at the Edge

Adaora Okeleke, Principal Analyst, Telco IT & Operations​ may. 2021 — Omdia
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"Telefonica is very strong in the global collaboration market, as it offers a broad portfolio combining service provider-hosted and vendor-hosted options with strong global reach and resilience. Telefonica’s strong presence in markets such as Spain, the UK, Germany, and Brazil helps it to differentiate versus other global competitors. The provider can also point to strong momentum in the UC market, with multiple large customer wins and an overall double-digit growth rate for 2019-2020. This momentum has only increased following the impact of COVID-19".


Telefonica - Collaboration and Communications Services (Global)

Gary Barton, Principal Analyst, GlobalData abr. 2021 — GlobalData
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"IDC believes that Telefónica is well placed to capitalize on the growing edge market opportunity by leveraging its capabilities around network connectivity, international presence, multiple sites in its geographic footprint, and extended client base."


Telefónica: Developing Edge in Connection with Cloud

Alexandra Rotaru, Research Analyst and Gabriele Roberti, Research Manager mar. 2021 — IDC
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"Telefonica was active in building out edge nodes in Spain in 2020, and also announced cloud partnerships with Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. It is part of an MOU with KT, China Unicom, and Telstra to collaborate on a multi-operator MEC computing experience; they recently verified the ability to provide global roaming and federation among different edge platforms".


2021 Predictions for the Enterprise: Edge Computing Alliances and Innovations Unlock new opportunities, 25th January 2021

Chris Drake & Kathryn Weldon feb. 2021 — GlobalData
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"Telefónica’s growth in the European hosted IP telephony and UCaaS market has been nothing short of impressive. With more than 1 million hosted IP telephony users, Telefónica is the third-largest provider in the region and one of the most innovative providers worldwide.

Telefónica’s success has been driven by its keen recognition of pervasive need for modern, mobile-ready communications solutions that effectively address the requirements of any highly distributed workforce within increasingly virtual organizations".

2020 European Hosted IP Telephony and UCaaS Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award

Elka Popova, VP of Connected Work at Frost & Sullivan. sep. 2020 — Frost & Sullivan