31 oct. 2019 —

SD-WAN technology for GEFCO from Telefónica

  • Telefónica meets GEFCO requirements delivering a stable technology platform, high capacity and service quality with geographical coverage
  • Telefónica deploys a WAN Data Network for 120 GEFCO Sites across France, Spain and Portugal

Paris, 30 October 2019 - Telefónica and Bouygues Telecom: a strategic choice for GEFCO. GEFCO, the world leader in multimodal supply chain solutions and European leader in the automotive logistics, chooses Telefónica Business Solutions France, a joint venture between Telefónica and Bouygues Telecom, as a key partner to deploy its network solutions.

The robust proposition will deliver:

  • A reliable Telefónica and Bouygues Telecom WAN data network to connect 120 sites in France, Spain and Portugal for a better quality of service
  • Backup solutions via Telefónica 4G Routers set up at GEFCO's critical sites for 10 countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain and the UK
  • Telefónica 4G SIM cards to connect mobile terminals in GEFCO logistic locations for better real-time traceability of goods
  • Cost savings and predictability of costs
  • Joint quarterly steering committees

Jean-Luc Galzi, Executive Vice-President Information Systems at GEFCO Group commented that, "GEFCO is today in the process of transforming its information system. It has become important for our service business to move forward. In order to innovate, we have surrounded ourselves with agile partners, offering stable technology platforms and a high quality of worldwide services. Telefónica Business Solutions France, joining Telefónica and Bouygues Telecom Enterprises, meets these requirements with a geographical coverage that fits within our international development. The choice of a partner like Telefónica has been strategic for GEFCO."

The combination of service layers optimises information flows and avoids any interruption of service. At each level of the supply chain, the quality of the logistics solution contributes to increase GEFCO's competitiveness and provides an enhanced experience to its customers.

“A very large amount of data is exchanged between our countries of departure, arrival and transit of goods. Telefónica's WAN network will be the backbone of the GEFCO information system; its robustness guarantees access to our business applications and the performance of our operations”, commented Jean-Luc Galzi.

Telefónica’s robust and advanced technology will provide a key platform in a strategy which will enable GEFCO to achieve operational excellence and growth, and supports them in their competitiveness, reliability and flexibility requirements throughout their supply chain. robust and stable technology enables high bandwidths through optical fiber.

Anne Perrin, Chief-Executive Officer at Telefónica Business Solutions France said, "We understand the issues related to the development of our clients' business. In a context of a very fast evolution in usage, we support GEFCO by expanding bandwidth as needed, while allowing complete cost control.

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