06 nov. 2017 —

Openstack certifies us as a good public cloud provider

6 November 2017

Today in Sydney, OpenStack public cloud providers from around the world, in collaboration with the OpenStack foundation, launched the OpenStack Public Cloud Passport program, giving potential users free trials of OpenStack public clouds to find the open cloud that’s right for them.

Telefonica is a proud OpenStack Passport Provider, which means our cloud customers are free to roam to the cloud that’s right for them. We welcome customers who are looking to trial open infrastructure which has the potential to accelerate their business activities. 

To support this new launch we are delighted to be providing a $300 free credit no commitment for 30 days and extended free usage for eligible customers, during and after the free trial in the participating countries.

We are proud to be participating in the OpenStack passport program and believe these services can enable our customers to leverage the power of the cloud to deliver their strategic business objectives whatever they may be.

To get started using our cloud via your passport today, please follow these instructions